Cyrille Rossant

Give me my baby back!


My 6-months-old baby, very fragile, has been wrongfully taken away from me by the French government.

I'm doing everything I can to get my baby back. In the meantime, I have no choice but pausing most of my professional activity.

If you know anyone who's been in the same situation, please get in touch.

Setting up a blog with Pelican and GitHub Pages


I describe how I set up my static blog/website in Python with Pelican, pandoc, Docker, Dockerhub, GitHub pages, and Travis CI.

Should you use HDF5?


This is a follow-up on my post Moving away from HDF5 (see also Konrad Hinsen's post, and discussions on Twitter and Hacker News). Here are some further thoughts, in no particular order.

Moving away from HDF5


Update [2016-01-30]: I wrote a follow-up here

In the research lab where I work, we've been developing a data processing pipeline for several years. This includes not only a program but also a new file format based on HDF5 for a specific type of data. While the choice of HDF5 was looking compelling on paper, we found many issues with it. Recently, despite the high costs, we decided to abandon this format in our software.

In this post, I'll describe what is HDF5 and what are the issues that made us move away from it.

New year


I didn't write a lot lately: only 2 posts in 2015! I'll try to do better this year: more and shorter posts about programming, technology, and science. There's no shortage of topics to discuss.

Happy New Year.