I've written two books on Python for data science.

IPython Minibook, second edition

october 2015

IPython minibook

Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization, second edition

Packt Publishing (175 pages, 25$)

This book is a beginner-level introduction to Python for data analysis:

  • Interactive Python with IPython
  • Data analysis with pandas
  • Numerical computing with NumPy/SciPy
  • Data visualization with matplotlib

IPython Cookbook

september 2014

IPython Cookbook

IPython Interactive Computing and Visualization Cookbook

Packt Publishing (520 pages, 30$)

This advanced-level book covers a wide range of methods for data science with Python:

  • Advanced interactive computing in the IPython notebook
  • High-performance computing with Python
  • Statistics, machine learning, data mining
  • Signal processing and mathematical modeling