Here are my current projects:

Open-source Python libraries

phy: spike sorting for large dense arrays

I'm leading the development of phy, a Python library for large-scale electrophysiological data analysis. This library is being used by dozens of experimental labs around the world.


  • Spike detection algorithms
  • Bindings to clustering algorithms
  • Manual clustering
  • Fast and scalable visualization with VisPy
  • Modular GUIs with Qt

VisPy: high-performance interactive data visualization

I'm part of the core development team of VisPy, a data visualization library based on OpenGL.


  • Display millions of points efficiently
  • 3D visualization

podoc: conversion of markup documents in pure Python

I'm currently working on a library for converting documents between different markup formats. This library is fully compatible with pandoc but the most common conversion paths don't require it. This library will eventually supersede the older ipymd library.


  • Edit Markdown or OpenDocument files in the Jupyter Notebook.
  • Convert between Markdown, Jupyter Notebook, and other formats without pandoc.
  • Convert between many other formats with pandoc.
  • Easily parse, filter, and transform documents.

Technical writings


I've written several books on Python for data science and numerical computing.

Posts on O'Reilly Learning

I've written an interactive tutorial on the t-SNE algorithm on the O'Reilly Learning platform.

Awesome Math

I maintain the curated Awesome Math page, which contains many references to high-quality, freely-available mathematics courses.

Blog posts

I've written a few tutorials on my blog.

Open data

I analyze public datasets with Python and I make data visualizations.