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Galry is a high performance interactive visualization package in Python based on OpenGL. It allows to interactively visualize very large plots (tens of millions of points) in real time, by using the graphics card as much as possible.

Galry's high-level interface is directly inspired by Matplotlib and Matlab. The low-level interface can be used to write complex interactive visualization GUIs with Qt that deal with large 2D/3D datasets.

Visualization capabilities of Galry are not restricted to plotting, and include textures, 3D meshes, graphs, shapes, etc. Custom shaders can also be written for advanced uses.

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The library will be entirely rewritten in the coming months in the context of the vispy collaborative project. The goal is to share common building blocks with other visualization libraries (visvis, pyqtgraph, glumpy...). The low-level API will change and we suggest not to use it in production for now.



Galry is licensed under the BSD license.

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